I specialize in creating intelligent, user-friendly websites that shout credibility and visually pack a punch! Sit back and let my 20 years of experience give you an unfair advantage.

Christopher Willitts

Freelance Web Designer


Design: Language of the Subconscious

As designers, our medium is in a visual language. It's a dialect of the subconscious, allowing us to connect to other people through our work in ways that the spoken word cannot.

How Christopher Got in the Game

In 2002, Christopher founded the highly-acclaimed self-publishing website, Go Publish Yourself. It was named one of the best sites for writers by Writer's Digest during his three years of ownership (Go Publish Yourself was purchased by Click Industries in 2006).

His monthly newsletter, "Publish This!," served thousands of subscribers from all around the globe. Shortly after selling GPY, Christopher transitioned into becoming a freelance web designer (while attending college), and was quickly acknowledged for helping businesses establish and strengthen their online identities.

The Innovation Project

As a result of Christopher’s reputation as a visionary, he was recruited for a major project called "INTER Innovation," funded by the U.S. Department of Labor in 2007. Because of his affinity for innovation, he quickly found himself in leading roles throughout the project.

Christopher had the pleasure of working with a dream team of highly talented professionals from across the nation to develop a curriculum surrounding innovation over the course of 12 months. Team members included seasoned educators, business executives, product designers, researchers, and media executives of high-profile companies such as Disney, Sony, Warner Brothers, CBS, and IDEO (largest product innovation company in the world).

The Leaders and Best - Go Blue!

Christopher's formal education was acquired from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with concentrations in consciousness studies, psychology, and Asian studies. He also took marketing and entrepreneurial studies from the Ross School of Business (University of Michigan) - ranked one of the top business schools in the country.

Christopher is a proud alumnus of the LeaderShape Institute, a highly regarded leadership development program where he joined the ranks of another alumnus, Google co-founder Larry Page. A year after successfully completing the program, he applied to be a facilitator, and was selected for two consecutive years (considered to be a high honor).

The Mindful Movement

One of Christopher's first online passion-projects was called Mindful Muscle. The focal point of this blog was self-cultivation using mindful practices to invoke positive action in our daily lives (mindful living). Mindful Muscle went online in 2009 and was later sold in 2018. He also taught meditation at various times during this period at both the individual and group level.

Train Hard. Eat Plants.

For five years (2013-2018), Christopher owned VegetarianBodybuilding.com, where he advocated plant-based fitness and a form of bodybuilding that leads to thriving health (not just big muscles). His primary message was that eating more plants and less meat is generally beneficial for our health and the health of the planet.

Traditional bodybuilding tends to sacrifice one's health in order to look good and get ahead, but because of the mountain of empirical evidence surfacing, many of us are realizing that eating plants and creating harmony within the body is the new, ideal frontier in fitness. From this platform, Christopher created an online vegetarian bodybuilding system called "V3 Bodybuilding." The result was a hybrid lifestyle supremely effective for creating vibrant health and building a beautiful physique.

Upping His Game

A few years back Christopher was recruited to be the Senior Digital Media Buyer at Fast & Light, a boutique Digital Media Agency located in DTLA. Almost immediately, his responsibilities grew well beyond developing Facebook and Google advertising campaigns. Christopher became involved with business development, running audits, optimizing ROI, and overarching marketing tactics for both Fast & Light and their clients. This experience provided an opportunity to rapidly expand his aptitudes and sharpen the tools in his design & marketing toolbox. Additionally, it had a synergistic effect with the work produced at Chris Designed This, substantially upping Christopher's game on all fronts. Although he has moved on, his heart is still with the F&L team and their continued success.

Chris Willitts working with Fast & Light team