I specialize in creating intelligent, user-friendly websites that shout credibility and visually pack a punch! Sit back and let my 20 years of experience give you an unfair advantage.


Susannah Pollvogt :: Succeed Law

Christopher delivered an extremely professional looking website on-time and at a very reasonable cost. From the outset of our work together, Christopher was tuned in to my preferences and came up with a design that reflected the tone and message I wanted to send with my website.

He did an excellent job maintaining communication throughout the process, and was responsive to my requests and questions. I highly recommend working with Christopher for a professional yet low-stress experience!

Alen McAfee :: Fast & Light

Christopher does exceptional work as an end-to-end media buyer, working on everything from ad buying strategy, copywriting, photos and creative selection, bidding strategies, and analysis. His own experience as an online entrepreneur and business owner gives him key insights on how to successfully grow sales through digital tactics.

Jason Pohlonski :: One More Moment Charity

I cannot thank you enough for your work. To see this come to life has been awesome and your turnaround time has been fantastic. THANK YOU… We’ve gone through several designers and you blow them all out of the water!

Burt Peachy, Ph.D. :: CQIN

Christopher is the ideal web designer to build a long-term business relationship with, I’ve been working with him for 2 years now. In addition to building my website, I recruited Christopher to be involved with a major project funded by the US Department of Labor called INTER Innovation. He has been an invaluable asset and a great team player in that project. I am pleased to recommend him to you.

Victoria Baker :: Solopreneur

“What the… WOW. Thank you!!!”

Tony Blankenship :: Bravo

Christopher is a fellow serial entrepreneur, has a relentless work ethic, and he’s an absolute BEAST at Marketing and Branding. Another attribute about Christopher that stands out is his integrity. He’s solid and dependable. Whenever I call, he picks up or responds rapidly — every time, without fail. Let me also say that we were good friends long before we started to work together. What I find to be even more valuable is that Christopher genuinely cares about what’s going on with people. He’s just a good dude and a great friend. This continues to inspire me to be a better man. I see big things happening for Christopher in the future, and it’s been a pleasure watching him grow over the years.

William Reed :: Western Oasis Properties

This site couldn’t look better. It’s all that I wanted and more. This modern, sleek design will definitely get people’s attention.

Dr. William Mason :: Family Dentistry

Absolutely thrilled with the end result! Christopher over-delivered and made me feel comfortable with the process, as I don’t like to micromanage people. Has a refined eye for design, our WordPress site looks great.

Melissa Sunday :: Vista Skin Spa

Christopher balances a great eye for design aesthetic and the need for functionality!

I hear compliments about my website on a daily basis from both clients and colleagues. He was able to capture the true essence of my company in a creative, yet polished, way. I literary hear compliments about my new website a few times a week.

The scope of my project changed a few times during the project and Christopher was always accommodating, as well as helpful with providing suggestions and guidance to keep the project on track. Christopher delivered the site on time and requested additions or alterations were executed within the same day without fail. It was a great experience.

Jason Marque :: Internet Entrepreneur

This was my first time working with a web designer. Christopher delivered ABOVE AND BEYOND my expectations.

He offered “homework” which was designed to clarify my overall vision for the site and identify my target audience. I was surprised to learn that I still had a lot of important decisions to make. This was very helpful. Christopher helped pace the progress of the project by asking for website content in reasonable increments. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by big projects and he was able to give me homework in bite size pieces so that I didn’t feel overwhelmed.

I FELT INSPIRED to embark on the creation of a second website with Christopher’s guidance and aptitude for entrepreneurial ventures.

Gary Brown :: Private Practice Law

Two words…….WOW….and AWESOME! You hit it out of the park! Great page, clean, classy and easy to use. I easily have the best looking site out of my competitors.

Sarah Burgard, Ph.D. :: University of Michigan

Christopher is an excellent listener and was responsive to all my questions and requests, no matter how difficult to implement. He has a rare ability to both direct his clients toward things that they didn’t know they needed, and also to give them what they already know that they want. The site is clean, bright, easy to navigate, and upbeat. My colleagues and I are delighted with the site and would recommend Christopher to anyone.

John Arting :: Motor City Capital Services, LLC

Looks very good. Looks like I got lucky again with your work. (LOL) You’ve got some serious talent my friend… Albert Einstein was right about simplicity!

Cindy Hudson :: The Blank Generation

Christopher, I absolutely LOVE the site…it’s gorgeous, tasteful, easy to navigate…awesome!

Michael Swanson :: INTER Innovation

Christopher is an incredible web designer and innovator. He thinks and designs outside the box, delivering a unique and effective website that is beautiful, intuitive, and efficient. It has been a pleasure working with Christopher and I highly recommend his services.

Yednesh Parnaik :: Johnson Controls Automotive

I have worked with Christopher little over a year on Net Impact – a non-profit group. Christopher has always demonstrated exceptional creative abilities. His work displayed here is a perfect example of his ability to think outside the box.

Angela Foster :: Foster Interior Design

If your looking for a fresh and creative website, I highly recommend Christopher. Not only did he make the process of developing a new website fun, but his innovative and artistic skills set him apart from the rest. Thanks to Christopher, we started to make a profit in our second month (virtually unheard of in our industry).

Rani Yasi :: Yogi

Christopher has an extremely creative and conscientious mind. I’ve worked with him in many different capacities… and it’s always rewarding. In whatever Christopher does he brings integrity to the table and is a true visionary.

Moses Lee :: Michigan Language Center

Christopher is one of the most creative and entrepreneurial persons I know. He has a strong history of taking innovative ideas and class bringing them to life. In addition, he has a never say die attitude and consistently follows through on what he says he will do. He brings a great eye, creativity, and insights to the table. The result of his work is a powerful medium to communicate our very important message. Strongly recommend working with him!



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